Charles Campbell

Development Undergraduate

BSc Software Engineering

Bournemouth University

Placement Year - UKCloud DEVELOPMENT

Development Undergraduate RUBY DEVELOPER

As part of my degree, I opted to take a year in placement. I luckily managed to get a place at UKCloud as a member of a ruby development team. Over the course of the year, I have thoroughly improved my programming skills as well as learning and understanding the basics of the kanban software engineering workflow.

Second Year - Software Engineering FIRST

Web Application Programming FIRST

Developing web applications in PHP using the code-igniter framework taking into consideration security and usability. My team created a virtual learning environment, which including functionality such as booking meetings and instant messaging.

Application Programming FIRST

Developing various android apps in Java & Kotlin, the main assignment was to create a basic battleship game. This unit made us work from a poorly written base class which allowed us to dive into some refactoring and debugging.

Infrastructure Strategy FIRST

Covering the basics of the internet of things this unit allowed us to dive into the deployment of smart bins and the technical components that we would use to communicate between devices and the data centre.

Project Management FIRST

Combining all the skills we have learnt in the past two years we had to develop an android app of our choice that would be a successful product. Including myself as a team of 9 we developed an application called JustGnosh. Find out more at

Software & Network Engineering FIRST

A joint unit covering an in-depth look into the ISO model and networking protocols, and looking deeply into different Software methodologies. We also covered several topics such as cost estimation, productivity and requirements engineering.

First Year - General Computing FIRST

Computing & Networks 2:1

Basic computing and networks skills, this unit covered a range of subjects from basic cisco packet tracer simulations to logic gates.

Business & Professional Issues 2:1

A business simulation in which we had to design a product and market it to staff members. We created a bluetooth door locking system. We came within the top five for presentation skills.

Systems Analysis & Design FIRST

Working closely in a team of students to analyse and improve the KITS timetable system. My team came first place and won the CiB Kingfisher IT services award.

Relational Databases FIRST

Understanding and developing SQL databases with basic understanding of normalisation. We developed in Oracle SQL to create a simple database for gardeners.

Programming FIRST

Focusing on Java Object Orientated programming, ranging from basic console based applications to the development of more complex GUI applications.

Web & UX Development FIRST

Creating basic web applications to demonstrate an understanding of good design, this unit also provided an insight to the industry use of agile and scrum.